Company History

Jason & Lindsay Budge became acquainted with Steve & Amy Palmer while attending college. Though they didn’t immediately realize the devout friendship and enduring partnership they would form, they both felt the need and responsibility to prepare their families for the future. The two families have always believed that the keys to happiness are the pursuit of self reliance and the proper balance of life’s priorities, including a sound education, healthy diet, physical fitness, financial independence, devotion to family, and faith in God. However, there was a key component missing in their goal to be self reliant: an adequate supply of food and provisions to prepare their families for unforeseen hardships or emergencies. The problem? They didn’t know where to start, what to store, or how to rotate and use a long term food supply. 

In the summer of 2004, Jason and Steve felt a strong desire to find a solution to this problem. At a time when they were facing difficult decisions and personal challenges—including Lindsay being hospitalized for 3 months to save her unborn twin daughters − Steve and Jason could no longer suppress their desire and passion to help people become self reliant.  They turned down extraordinary financial opportunities, took the leap of faith, and started Thrive Life.

Thrive Life has developed numerous proprietary food rotation products which make food organization and rotation more manageable. The company has also developed its own line of food, THRIVE, with over 90 high-quality, great-tasting food products. While the extensive shelf life of THRIVE makes it an excellent solution for long-term food storage, the convenience and great taste of this easy-to-use product makes it the perfect complement to everyday meal preparation and proper daily nutrition. Thrive Life is passionate about having the best food products on the market and making them an essential part everyday living!  

Through innovation, hard work, balance, the dedication of its employees and representatives, and an unceasing determination to help people around the world become prepared, Thrive Life has become the most trusted name in the industry.